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3. Add enhancements to maximize the payout to beneficiaries

The 4% Annual Automatic Death Benefit Reset Rider

This optional rider is aimed at investors who want to ensure their beneficiaries will receive the principal invested, adjusted for guarantees, plus a minimum of 4% simple interest guaranteed annually, regardless of the portfolio’s performance.

  • > It is available at the time of application for B units.
  • > When chosen, it replaces all client-triggered principal protection resets and can be cancelled at any time.
  • > If cancelled, the death benefit is reduced to the value of the initial deposit less reductions for proportional withdrawals.

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The Earnings Enhancement Benefit

Upside participation to complement your client’s choice of principal guarantees

The Earnings Enhancement Benefit (EEB) is an optional rider that pays up to an additional 40% of the investment gains upon the death of the annuitant, effectively increasing the investment rate of return and resulting in a larger payout which can help cover final taxes or provide a higher payout for beneficiaries.

The EEB provides a powerful complement to the death benefit:

  • > For non-registered accounts, the EEB can help offset income tax on deferred capital gains.
  • > For registered accounts with a spousal rollover, the EEB can mean up to an additional 40% return on the investment.

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