SunWise Elite Plus | Sales Process

2A. Guaranteed Income Protection

SunWise Elite Plus Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) offers predictable, sustainable, guaranteed income for life*

Unlike traditional sources of retirement income, SunWise Elite Plus combines the growth potential of mutual funds with the protective features of an insurance contract.

Investors are guaranteed an annual income equal to 5% of their investment for life at age 65. Those who need income before age 65 can still benefit from guaranteed income with regular withdrawals for 20 years.

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2B. Principal Protection

SunWise Elite segregated funds offer your clients the growth potential of mutual funds, while mitigating downside risk.

Clients who have investment objectives beyond income can choose from two levels of protection on all SunWise Elite funds to customize the level of principal protection for their investment strategy. In addition, estate planning is also simplified because with beneficiary designations, one can avoid probate fees and costly estate settlement delays.

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* Assuming a 5% annual withdrawal rate, subject to legislative minimums and maximum and certain conditions.


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