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Welcome to the SunWise Elite Plus Resource Centre. Click on any of the links below to view the marketing materials.

Material for Advisors  
> Advisor Administration Guide
> SLF Administration Guide (SunLife Financial Advisors Only)
> Advisor Guide
> At a Glance
> Product Comparison
> Estate Planning Guide
> Admats
> Market Cycles and the Retirement Risk Zone
> Postcard
> Prospecting Letters
> SunWise Elite Plus Case Study Guaranteed Retirement Income
> SunWise Elite Plus Case Study RRIF for Life
> Positioning SunWise Essential Series with Clients
    Multimedia Presentation
     Adobe PDF
> Transition Rules for existing SunWise Elite Plus Policies established prior to March 24, 2008
> Event-in-a-Box
> A Quick Look at SunWise Elite Plus
> At a Glance
> Supplement dated January, 2010 to the Information Folder
> SunWise Elite and SunWise Elite Plus New Fund Codes
> SunWise Elite Harbour Bundles
> SunWise Elite Signature Bundle
> SunWise Elite Cambridge Bundles
> SunWise Elite Dynamic Bundle
> SunWise Elite Fidelity Bundle
Material for your Clients  
> Client Guide
> Client pocket brochure
> Client Flyer
> SunWise Elite Plus - Portfolio Series Client Brochure
> SunWise Elite Plus - Portfolio Series Questionnaire
> SunWise Elite Plus Presentation
     Powerpoint     Adobe PDF
Administration Documents  
> Fund Fact Sheets and Financial Highlights
> Application (Client Name Accounts) (Fillable PDF)
> Rapid Application (On Book/Nominee Accounts)
> Information Folder and Individual Variable Annuity Contract
> SunWise Elite Plus Supplement to the information folder August 1, 2009
> SunWise Elite Plus (GMWB) Election and Payment Instruction Form
> Sun Life Financial Advisor Administration Guide (Sun Life Financial Advisors only)
> Sun Life Electronic Signature Form
> Fax back order form
> Order ticket form
> Transition Rules
> CI Anti-Money Laundering Identity Verification Supplement
> Application (Client Name Accounts) - TFSA
> Rapid Application (On Book/Nominee Accounts) - TFSA
> Sun Life Electronic Signature Form - TFSA
For Existing Clients  
> Amendment to the SunWise Elite including SunWise Elite Plus Individual Variable Annuity Contract
for clients who established a SunWise Elite policy prior to March 24, 2008
> Cover letter for client mailing
For SunWise Elite Plus Institutional Managed Portfolios
(for Assante Wealth Management Advisors only)
If you are an Assante advisor and would like access to marketing materials for SunWise Elite Plus Institutional Managed Portfolios please click here.

Professional Development

> Social Studies of New Retirement - Multimedia Presentation

Additional Links

Use these links below to find interactive calculators to help you determine your potential life expectancy…Are you making the right lifestyle choices? How much will you need to save for your retirement? These tools can help as you begin to think about your future.

> Life Expectancy Calculator
> Terminology
> The Longevity Game


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