SunWise Elite Plus | Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB)

A predictable, stable source of retirement income

With / Without SunWise Elite Plus

Without SunWise Elite Plus, your clients face uncertainty in the amount and the length of time they will be able to receive income from their portfolio. The portfolio is exposed to the market’s ups and downs and clients are at risk of outliving their assets.   With SunWise Elite Plus, your clients receive predictable, sustainable income guaranteed to last, regardless of market conditions. And when investments perform well, their income may increase.

SunWise Elite Plus can eliminate the risk that your clients will outlive their money and may help to offset the effects of inflation.

With the GMWB your clients can:

> Start withdrawing as soon as needed
> Stop and start at any time
> Access their portfolio at any time
> and allocate their assets to their preferred investment strategy.

Plus, the GMWB can be tax-effective for non-registered accounts because withdrawals are considered return of principal and capital gains, rather than income.*

* The taxation of any amount that is a guarantee benefit is uncertain at this time. Sun Life will tax report the guarantee benefit based on its understanding of the tax legislation at the time the withdrawal is made.


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