SunWise Elite Plus | Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB)

SunWise Elite Plus can eliminate market and longevity risk and mitigate inflation risk.
  • > guaranteed annual income for life* beginning at age 65 means that clients won’t outlive their money, regardless of market performance

  • > for those who need income before 65, there’s a guaranteed return of principal over 20 years – regardless of market performance*

  • > automatic income guarantee resets every three years act as a hedge against inflation and ensure that clients benefit from equity investing, without all of the downside risks

  • > 5% annual guaranteed income bonus can offset market risk during the critical years just before retirement and provide a larger annual income in retirement, which can place them ahead of inflation

  • > because of the guaranteed income, clients are able to maintain a significant investment in equities, gaining the potential growth that only equity investments can provide.

Navigating the retirement risk zone

Navigating the retirement risk zone

* Subject to legislated minimums and maximums and certain conditions. Exceeding the 5% withdrawal may have a negative impact on future payments. With the guaranteed income for life or Lifetime Withdrawal Amount, up to 5% of the deposit is available after December 31 of the year the annuitant turns 65. Payments can continue until the death of the annuitant (LWA Annuitant for joint contracts), or termination of the contract. For those who need income before age 65, SunWise Elite Plus guarantees a return of principal in the form of regular withdrawals of up to 5% annually for at least 20 years. Payments end when the Remaining GWB is nil; when the contract is terminated; on the contract maturity date or upon death of the last surviving annuitant.


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