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Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit - Overview

An optional Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit (GMWB) rider, is for investors primarily looking to receive a guaranteed, predictable, tax-efficient annual income beginning at age 65, of up to 5% of their deposits for life, regardless of market performance.*

Those who need income before age 65 are guaranteed a return of principal over 20 years – regardless of market performance.*

Before withdrawals start, investors in pre-retirement receive a 5% annual guaranteed income bonus added to their guaranteed benefits for every calendar year they don’t draw income from their portfolio up to a maximum of 15 calendar years (plus a prorated amount in the first year), after the initial deposit into GMWB units.

Whether your client needs guaranteed income now or later, we automatically lock in portfolio gains every three years until contract maturity. These resets may increase the amount of income available.

To maximize the potential for growth, over 50 funds representing all asset classes from leading portfolio management teams are available to fit any investor’s objectives and preferences.



* Subject to legislated minimums and maximums and certain conditions. Exceeding the 5% withdrawal may have a negative impact on future payments. The guaranteed income for life or Lifetime Withdrawal Amount is available after December 31 of the year the annuitant turns 65. Payments can continue until the death of the last surviving annuitant. For those who need income before age 65, SunWise Elite Plus guarantees a return of principal in the form of regular withdrawals of up to 5% annually for at least 20 years.

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