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SunWise Elite Plus

SunWise Elite Plus rethinks retirement planning, as your clients transition from wealth accumulation into retirement. It provides your clients with all the benefits of segregated funds, while at the same time allowing them to plan for and enjoy a guaranteed income for life. It offers the growth potential of market-based investments with more than 50 funds across all asset classes and investment styles.

Benefits of SunWise Elite Segregated Funds

Benefits of SunWise Elite Segregated Funds are primarily for investors during the wealth accumulation stage.

It allows them to benefit from all the advantages of mutual funds:

  • > potential for growth
  • > outstanding money management
  • > diversification, choice and flexibility of investments.

And, receive all the protective features of an insurance contract backed by the strength of Sun Life Financial:

  • > principal protection at deposit maturity or death
  • > automatic or client-triggered guarantee principal protection resets, which
  • > lock in portfolio gains
  • > estate planning benefits (avoidance of the probate process and fees)
  • > potential creditor protection.


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